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Who We Are


Ultracore Construction and Development Corporation’s history dates back to 2014 when a native Davaoeno and OFW, Josef H. Merin decided to stay for good in Davao City. Merin began his business activities by acquiring small subcontracting construction projects in DPWH, Other Government Agencies and Private Sectors.

In 2016, the company that is based in Maa, Davao City, Philippines was able to effectively establish a sound reputation in the Local Construction Industry and started receiving invitations and awards in multimillion projects on roads and highways, bridges, commercial low-rise buildings, warehouses, offices, land development and private residential houses in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Today, after 4 years of operations, Ultracore Construction successfully founded its affiliate corporations namely, Bastrako Builders Inc., Higante Builders, Truaxle Trucking Services, Bored Piling, Sheet Piling, GMIX RMC Supply, Fabrication Services for Metal Works, Metal Bendinas to Bending & Girders.

Ultracore major clients include DPWH in various locations, NGCP, Camella Homes, Filinvest, Santos Land, Ayala Land, Calmar Land, Urban East, Cisa, PPA and various private individuals.

Ultracore Construction and Development Corporation’s mission is constructed on successfully executing and delivering projects in a safe, competent, economic and innovative manner.

To be renowned as excellent, effective, efficient and the contractor of choice for all challenging construction projects in the country.
To partner with societies, protect people and the environment and to share our knowledge, experience and expertise to aid clients solve their most multifaceted challenges. To succeed in business and ensure a sufficient return on investment.
Management Philosophy
Ultracore Construction and Development Corporation adopt a philosophy that contains personal and company integrity that is to create a work environment where an employee can exceed his/her personal best in job performance and in customer service.

We are determined to operate our company in a manner of continuous improvement, to work across and beyond our capabilities by providing special services to ensure client’s satisfaction and to make a contribution to our communities as individuals and as a company.

Code of Ethics
UCDC is committed to protect employees, projects partners, vendors and the company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals either knowingly or unknowingly. The company strongly promotes fair treatment to everyone, develop mutual respects, uphold the honor and dignity, foster good understading and void the intent and appearance of unethical or comprising practices. Moreover, the company is dedicated to operating based on the following Code of Ethics and professional conduct;

Integrity – consistently maintain an ethical stance S support ethical behavior. Honesty and Objectively – encourage open dialogue, get honest feedback and treat everyone fairly. Be truthful, accurate and straightforward.
Safety – The safety of our employees, our stakeholders, and the general public is our responsibility. We drive for continous improvement to create and sustain a zero-incident culture.

Unethical Behavior – avoid the intent and apperance of unethical practices in relationships, actions and communications and did no tolerate harassment and discriminations.

Accountability – take prompt, constructive steps to correct mistakes and defects Fairness – maintain without deviation, an attitude of sincerity, tolerance, consideration and assistance towards others regardless of position.

Reliability – he prompt and responsive in business dealing within or outside the company. Only make realistic commitment S follow through the commitment you make.

Pursuit of Excellence – consistently apply diligence, perseverance, attention to detail and good work habits to ensures high quality projects S excellence customer service. Remain flexible and open to possibilities.

Consideration to Others – respect the dignity, rights, safety and personal property of the others. Exercise patience and remain positive under all circumstances.

Citizenship – comply with all government laws, rules and regulations.

Quality Policy
The Quality Management System of Ultracore Construction and Development Corporation covers all processes, functions and activities related to the quality of products and services. We at Ultracore are committed to serve our valuable customers with the best high quality of service for all our ventures.

Ultracore will realize this policy by the following guidelines:

  • Adopting a business management philosophy founded on personal and company integrity.
  • Seeking growth through internal development and future investment.
  • Maintaining honesty, loyalty and professionalism towards our customers.
  • Ensuring a fast and timely response to the customer needs.
  • Upholding the proficiency of staff by providing various trainings.
  • Creating a Quality Objectives at all levels of the organization.
  • Establishing a constant improvement to all our systems, processes, product and services.
  • Strictly complying with the requirements of ISO standards and continually improves its effectiveness.
Safety Policy
The Health, Safety and Environmental System of Ultracore deals entire application, processes and approaches associated with the health and safety of our workforces assigned at different project locations.

Ultracore Safety Statements are:

  • To ensure the education, interest and awareness training of all employees in HSE management system and procedures as per COSH norms and standards.
  • To deliver appropriate mechanism of the Health and Safety risks happening from our work undertakings.
  • To preserve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, facilities and equipment.
  • To provide safety related information, instruction and supervision for employees.
  • To prevent and reduce occupational related incidents, accidents and cases of work related illness.
  • To display and publicize this statement and to review and revise this policy on a semi-annual basis.

Why Choose Us

  • Because we have an ability to satisfy our clients needs and expectation on quality and we have a teamwork, professionalism, adaptability, a reservoir of expertise and experience, continual growth and development and total quality management. We provides high quality, general contracting and project management services.

Clients Say


As a client/customers of Ultracore Construction and Development Corp. I can say that i satisfied the quality of their works done.


As a main contractor/client of UCDC, Am i can say that they provide us a good quality in constructing roads, bridges and a good partner in doing business like this.


Ultracore Construction did a great job. Very happy and satisfied with the services.


UCDC has a good project engineers and workers that are working hand in hand and they work as a team to finish their jobs and to finish the project.

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