3 Design-Related Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

3 Design-Related Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

3 Design-Related Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

3 May 2022
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If you want to remodel your kitchen, the first step is working with a designer to create a layout and a plan. This phase is a chance to create a kitchen floor plan that really works for you. If you get things right, your kitchen will be functional and amazing. If you make a few mistakes, then your kitchen may not be as enjoyable as you'd want. With that in mind, here are some key mistakes to make during the design phase of your kitchen remodeling.

Design Mistake 1: Leaving "aisles" too narrow.

When you create your kitchen floor plan, you'll be deciding where all of the appliances, cabinets, and other items will go. It's important to consider how much space you're leaving between these items, too. Often, people leave a few feet and figure that's more than enough for them to stand and walk. But keep in mind that in the kitchen, you will sometimes have big and heavy pots or pans in your hands. This can make it hard to move around in a narrow aisle. So, it's often worth leaving a little more aisle space for freer motion in the kitchen.

Design Mistake #2: Overloading the island.

Kitchen islands can be awesome. They're a good place to put an extra sink or include some extra storage. But don't get so excited about your kitchen island that you try to pack everything into it. If you over-crowd it with too many features, you will find it cumbersome and cluttered to use. A good approach is to decide on one function for your island. Will it be a washing station, a chopping station, or simple storage? Design for this single function.

Design Mistake #3: Failing to balance open and closed storage.

Open storage features, such as open shelving, are becoming more popular in kitchens. However, you need to ensure you're balancing your open storage with closed storage, such as cabinets. There are usually a few things you want to store out of sight, such as older dishes or opened containers of food. Strive to maintain a balance between open and closed storage as you design your kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting experience. If you avoid these mistakes during the design phase, then everything should come together so much better during the building phase. You'll end up with a kitchen that you love cooking in, and which serves your needs perfectly.

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