Protecting Your Basement From Extensive Water Damage

Protecting Your Basement From Extensive Water Damage

Protecting Your Basement From Extensive Water Damage

3 May 2022
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The basement is easily one of the areas of the home that will be the most vulnerable to suffering significant damage from water. When a basement suffers extensive water damage, the homeowner may have to spend considerable resources to restore it. Luckily, there are steps that can greatly mitigate these risks.

Sealing And Plugging Cracks Or Gaps In The Basement Walls

Cracks and gaps in the walls or floor of the basement can be a primary cause of substantial water damage occurring. When these issues are not corrected, they can provide a path for water to take into the interior of the basement. As a result, one of the first steps in the waterproofing process will be to find and seal these openings. In many cases, these vulnerabilities may be extremely small and very difficult to see, which can lead to a homeowner failing to notice these issues developing. However, professional basement waterproofing services will have tools and experience that can make finding these damages and problems a much easier process.

Have Systems To Remove Moisture That Makes It Into The Basement

When water does start to enter the basement, it is important to be sure that you have a plan for how to remove it from the basement. To this end, homeowners will often find that installing a submersible pump or other active system can be the most effective solution for removing water that may be starting to accumulate. While these systems can be essential for those that live in low-lying areas, this can potentially benefit homes in almost any climate or elevation as flash flooding and other periods of intense rain can greatly increase the risks of moisture seeping into the basement.

Directing Runoff From The Gutters Away From The Home

The runoff that is coming from the gutters will be a common source of substantial water damage occurring to the house. The runoff that comes from the gutter system can represent a very large amount of water. If this water is deposited on the ground very close to the home, it will be far more likely to eventually soak through the walls and floors of the basement. In some cases, it may even be able to increase the risks of deep cracks forming in these structures. You can protect your house against this potential threat with the installation of downspout extenders. These features will give you a great deal of flexibility when determining where the water from the gutters is deposited on the ground so that you can place it as far as possible from the base of the home. Look into basement waterproofing near you for more information.

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