Signs Your Gutters Are Not Doing Their Job

Signs Your Gutters Are Not Doing Their Job

Signs Your Gutters Are Not Doing Their Job

3 May 2022
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Gutters have a job to do. They are meant to collect water that tumbles off your roof and funnel all of that water into downspouts so it empties out in safe places. Sometimes, as gutters age and accumulate damage, they stop doing this job as well as they could. Here are some signs your gutters are no longer doing their job and may therefore need to be repaired or replaced.

Water trickling over the sides of the gutters.

If you are able to go outside when it's raining, look up at your gutters. Do you see any water pouring out over the edge of your gutters? If so, the water is not ending up in the downspouts where it should. This could just mean your gutters need to be cleaned, but if that's not the case, they could be angled improperly, preventing the water from running downhill to the downspouts. This can happen when gutters become bent or damaged in a storm, or when various fasteners break.

Weeds growing in the gutters.

If you step back from the home a little, you may be able to see some weeds sprouting up in the gutters. This is definitely a sign that they are clogged, but it's often a sign of more than that. The gutters may be clogged because they're not draining properly or because the gutter guards have developed holes. Weeds will accelerate corrosion and breakdown of gutters, so want to have a gutter company out soon to take a look.

Holes in your landscaping.

If you can't get outside when it's raining, you may still be able to tell if water has been pouring out over the edge of the gutters. Look at the landscaping right under the gutters. Are there any holes or divots in the soil? This is usually from the water tumbling down onto the ground. 

Streaks on your siding.

Another sign that your gutters are clogged is streaks on your siding. These may appear black, brown, or green. The streaks are either dirt or algae, both of which mean that water has been running down the sides of your home. That means it's not running down your gutters the way it should be.

If your gutters do not seem to be doing their job, then you may want to call a gutter company. They can take a look, let you know if you need new residential gutters, or recommend the best repairs.

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