2 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For The Remodeling Your Home's Kitchen

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For The Remodeling Your Home's Kitchen

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For The Remodeling Your Home's Kitchen

4 May 2022
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If your home's kitchen has an older design or one that does not fit well with your needs, you may have decided that it is time to do something about it and are getting ready for a major redesign of the space. While perusing various home design magazines and websites, you may be in the process of planning out your new kitchen remodel.

However, while making your plans and picking out your new counters, cabinets, and appliances, keep in mind the mistakes discussed below that could interfere with your ability to adequately use the finished kitchen after the remodel is complete. 

1.  Forgetting to Ensure All Work Areas Have Adequate Lighting

One mistake that you should avoid when planning out your new kitchen is forgetting about the layout of the lighting. If you neglect to make sure that all of the work areas in the kitchen are not well lit, you may find it difficult to prep and cook food, wash dishes, and even read recipes.

While you are planning the placement of the kitchen's elements, try to think of the best position for lights, such as under the cabinets for the counters or an extra light over the stove. A contractor can help you figure out where to place the lighting to ensure it reaches all needed areas.

2.  Putting the Appearance of Your New Kitchen over Its Functionality

Another mistake you should avoid when coming up with a design for your new kitchen is putting its appearance over its functionality. While you may like the idea of an island near the front of your oven, if you have the sink and refrigerator on the other side of it, you will have to walk around the island a lot while cooking.

When planning out the design, think about how you currently use the kitchen so that you can plan on where to place appliances, cabinets, and counters to maximize your efforts. If you have trouble, speak with a remodeling contractor who can help you plan out the design. 

While planning out your kitchen's new design, ensuring that your stove, counters, and other work areas have enough light as well as putting functionality over aesthetics will help to make it easier on you and your family when it comes time to use the new space. Because of these and other important details that need to be considered during the planning phase, do not attempt to come up with the design yourself. Contact a contractor to have them help you through each phase of the kitchen remodeling process to help ensure the finished product is both functional and pleasing to your eye.

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