Home Spray Foam Insulation Helps Control Your Power Bills And Comfort In All Seasons

Home Spray Foam Insulation Helps Control Your Power Bills And Comfort In All Seasons

Home Spray Foam Insulation Helps Control Your Power Bills And Comfort In All Seasons

4 May 2022
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If you're tired of high energy bills when you run your air conditioner or furnace, it's probably time to improve the insulation in your house. A contractor can let you know where insulation is lacking and where adding new insulation could make a big difference in your comfort and in your power bills.

You might need insulation in your attic, crawl space, or exterior walls. You can choose from batt, blown-in, or spray foam insulation. When you compare options, you may find spray foam insulation is a good option for your needs. Here are some benefits of home spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Has A High R-Value

The R-value of insulation is a rating for how well the insulation stops the transfer of heat. Spray foam has a high rating, so that means it is good at holding heat in your home during the winter and keeping heat from getting inside in the summer.

Home Spray Foam Insulation Is A Water Barrier Too

Your insulation contractor chooses the right type of spray foam for the application area. There are two types of foam insulation. Open-cell spray foam allows water and water vapor to pass through while closed-cell spray foam is watertight.

Closed-cell insulation doubles as a water and vapor barrier in places like your crawl space. This insulation helps keep your home drier while it also insulates and adds extra support to your walls since it dries to be a hard material.

Spray Foam Flows To Fill Corners And Cracks

Spray foam is a unique material in that it is applied as a liquid that then turns into foam. The foam oozes along the surface it's spread on as the foam quickly expands. This allows the foam to fill odd shapes and close gaps in walls. By sealing air leaks in the space being insulated, the foam improves insulation even more. The foam quickly becomes hard and stays that way to maintain a permanent seal.

The Foam Helps With Noise Reduction

Home spray foam insulation is sometimes used for soundproofing a media room. When it's used for insulation in exterior walls, it helps with noise reduction from outside sources, such as a busy road or noisy commercial area.

If spray foam insulation sounds like it might work for you, hire a professional to apply it. Spray foam is difficult to work with and control since it expands so fast. Plus, it's difficult to correct mistakes if they happen since the foam gets so hard. A professional can install the foam properly and wear protective equipment so they're safe doing it.

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