What To Do When Your Boiler System Is Not Working Correctly

What To Do When Your Boiler System Is Not Working Correctly

What To Do When Your Boiler System Is Not Working Correctly

4 May 2022
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A hot water boiler system that stops working can be a problem if you use it to heat your home and provide domestic hot water. Boiler systems have become more complex and more efficient but are a tried and true system for generating heat; but can be challenging to work on, and often a boiler repair service or technician is needed when your boiler stops working. 

Boiler System Troubleshooting

There are a lot of reasons that a residential boiler may stop working. Because the systems contain some specific controllers and pumps that can come into play, boiler repair can involve some troubleshooting to determine why the system is not running. Often a boiler system is set up to circulate a closed water loop for heat, bring in freshwater from the well or the city water system, and heat it for domestic use. 

Most boiler systems are on-demand systems that heat water as required, so if you try and use the hot water and the system is not operating correctly, you will have little to no hot water right away. The heating side of the system is a closed-loop, so the water in that loop stays there. The water is heated, circulated, and then returned to the builder to be reheated again. Because of this, the water in the loop may stay hot longer than the domestic water, but if the system is not running, it will eventually get cold. 

Determining why the boiler is not running is often the most challenging and could involve the fuel system, the electrical controllers on the boiler, or a part like the air fan that will cause a fault and shut the system down if it is not running. The boiler repair service will go over the entire system to determine where the problem is first, and then they can make the required repairs and get the system up and running.

Check Your Fuel

One prevalent reason for boiler system shutdown is a lack of fuel getting to the system. Boilers often use heating oil as fuel, although there are some propane systems, and even a small blockage in the fuel system can shut down the system. 

If the fuel in the storage tank drops too low, debris from the bottom of the tank can be drawn into the fuel filter and line, causing a blockage and shutting down the system. The tech working on the system will often replace the filter and check the line to ensure you are getting proper fuel delivery. 

System Resets

Most modern boilers have a system reset button on the controller mounted on one side of the boiler. If your system shuts down suddenly, you can push the reset button and restart the system, but if the system shuts down a second time, it is time to have a boiler repair service look at the boiler.

Repeated restart attempts will flood the firebox with fuel and add to the issues, so try it once, and then if the system has fuel and still will not run, call a tech to come help get your builder back online.  Look into boiler repair near you for more information.

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