Narrowing Down Your Color Options For Vinyl Siding

Narrowing Down Your Color Options For Vinyl Siding

Narrowing Down Your Color Options For Vinyl Siding

5 May 2022
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Vinyl siding comes in so many colors. On one hand, it is nice to have this many options. But on the other hand, the choices can be overwhelming and make it difficult for you to choose just one for your home. Ultimately, you can side your home in whatever color you like. But if you need help narrowing down your choices, here are a few tips.

Don't choose the same colors as your direct neighbors

If both of your neighbors have yellow siding, you probably don't want yellow siding, too. In fact, you generally don't want the exact same color siding as a neighbor on either side. Choosing the same color siding would make for an overly monotone look. Plus, visitors may not be sure which home is yours. Crossing the colors of your neighbors' homes off your list of siding color options will at least narrow down your choices a bit.

Cross off colors that might look dirty too quickly

If your home is really close to the road, you may end up with a lot of road grime on your siding. This means really light siding colors may not be your best bet. On the other hand, if your municipality uses salt on their roads in the winter, your home might see a lot of salt accumulation, which is more obvious on darker siding. Of course, if your home is further back from the street, you don't need to be nearly as concerned about this.

Avoid colors that would clash with your landscaping

Do you have a bush with lots of purple flowers? Maybe you have several crabapple trees with pink flowers. Unless you want to replant your landscaping, you'll want to avoid siding colors that clash with it. For instance, you may not want to choose red siding if you have lots of purple bushes.

Avoid the same color as your roof

You generally do not want to have siding in the same or a similar color to your roof. This just makes your home look overly monotone and bland. Instead, choose a color that stands out against the roof, but one that coordinates with it.

If you follow the tips above to narrow down your vinyl siding color choices, you should be left with a much smaller list of siding colors to choose from. From there, you can simply choose the color that appeals to you the most. Enjoy!

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