Signs Your Well Water System Needs Repair

Signs Your Well Water System Needs Repair

Signs Your Well Water System Needs Repair

5 May 2022
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A well is a valuable asset that provides a reliable water supply and increases the value of your home. Although a well is designed to last for decades, knowing when to repair your water well system can help increase its lifespan. Here are the telltale signs that your well needs repair.

Sediments in Your Water

If you notice large amounts of sediments like sand or silt in your well water, this could be an indication your well's screen is worn out. Similarly, your well pump could be set too low or too powerful, thus pulling in sand from the surface. It is essential to rectify the problem immediately as the sediments in well water can cause clogs in your water pump, demanding a pump replacement. Therefore, hire experts to determine the water well system's problem and fix it before your water pump wears out.

Reduced Water Pressure

Lower water pressure signals something is wrong with your water well system. Loss in water pressure is usually a result of a worn-out well pump, a blocked gate or check valve, or a failing pressure tank. Replacing the worn-out well pump and eliminating clogs can help increase water pressure in your household.  

Discolored Water

Water from your water well systems should be clean and safe for consumption. However, if you notice discolored water from your well, this is an indication your well water system needs repair. Normally, discolored water is a result of contamination or of the well not having been used for a while. Avoid drinking or using contaminated well water as it exposes you to serious health risks. Common well contaminants include arsenic, bacteria, and nitrates.

Increased Energy Bills

When your well pump is failing or clogged by sand, silt, or other debris, it works harder than usual. The overworking results in increased power costs. Additionally, a damaged check valve reduces water pressure and causes the water in your pressure tank to flow back to the well, reducing water pressure. Pumping the water back to your pressure tank results in doubled work, causing high energy bills. The best solution to skyrocketing energy bills is to fix faulty well equipment.

Air in Your Water

If you open your bathroom tap and a mixture of air and water gushes out, this is a sign your water well system needs repair. Air in the water is a sign that your well's water table may be below the water pump or have a cracked pipe, allowing air in.

The above signs indicate when to repair well water systems. Reduced water pressure, increased energy bills, and air in your water can be addressed by replacing worn-out well water equipment. Other additional signs to look out for include dirty and discolored water.

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