How To Select The Best Wood Cabinets For Your Commercial Property

How To Select The Best Wood Cabinets For Your Commercial Property

How To Select The Best Wood Cabinets For Your Commercial Property

9 May 2022
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A superior organization and storage plan is crucial for any business, regardless of the size or scope of the company. Whether your business requires adequate space to hold marketing materials or you want additional storage for your employee breakroom, it's crucial to find a cabinet solution that reflects your specific needs. Wood cabinets can be the perfect answer by providing a sleek appearance as well as functional durability. Here are some simple tips to help you select wood cabinets for your commercial property. 

1) Pick a style that matches your vision for the aesthetic and purpose of your wood cabinets. 

Wood cabinets are available in so many different styles that it's easy to pick one for your own commercial property. Start by determining which type of frame you'd like for your wood cabinets. Frameless cabinets are common in professional settings, particularly due to the streamlined look that they offer. On the other hand, wood cabinets with face frames are made with a more traditional construction design. Frameless cabinets give better access to the contents inside, but framed cabinets are stronger over time. You should also consider the unique layout of your building when choosing your cabinet style. For example, if your wood cabinets will be installed in a small room or office, then you might need a style with doors that can be fully opened without obstructing too much space. 

2) Decide which wood type is ideal for your cabinets.

There are several types of wood to look at for your cabinets as well. Each wood type has distinctive characteristics that set it apart from the other options. Maple wood, for instance, is very smooth with uniform graining, while pecan wood is coarser with uneven streaks and patterns. Be sure to take into account the texture of the wood and choose a type that enhances the ambience of your building. Additionally, you should think about the color of the wood that you desire for your cabinets. The rustic color ranges of oak and cherry woods are well-suited for conventional wood cabinets. For something more modern, you might prefer the muted tones of walnut or hickory wood types instead. If you plan to apply stain or varnish, go with a porous wood type for the best results.

3) Choose the extra features that you would like to add to your wood cabinets.

The final step in picking your wood cabinets is to choose the accessories. Since your wood cabinets will be installed in a commercial workspace, it's essential to add extra features that can augment the functionality of the cabinets. Perhaps you need inserts within the cabinet drawers to better organize office supplies. Maybe you would like glass panels on the cabinet doors so that you can see what is inside at a quick glance, or you need rollers to make your wood cabinets portable. A wood cabinet contractor can help you upgrade your cabinets with any accessories that you want, from customized drawer handles that showcase your brand to air vents that prevent electronic equipment from overheating.

Selecting quality wood cabinets for your business is a simple task once you have the right style, wood type, and added features in mind. Call a contractor that specializes in wood cabinetry to find the best solution for your commercial property. 

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