Two Windows In One: The Double Horizontal Slider

Two Windows In One: The Double Horizontal Slider

Two Windows In One: The Double Horizontal Slider

9 May 2022
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Sometimes you need to find a replacement window for one that was simply inadequate for the space it was in. This is often the case in older homes that had small windows or just one window in an entire room, with that older window not letting a breeze in on hot days. If you need to find a replacement window for a space like this, a double horizontal slider window is perfect for your needs. These windows actually have two spaces that open, allowing you to turn one window spot into two working window panes.

Perfect for Smaller Spaces Where Only One Wall Can Have a Window

A double horizontal slider window looks like a longer horizontal sliding window that opens at both ends. So instead of, say, a squarish window that has one movable pane and one fixed pane, the double horizontal slider has one movable pane on one side, a central pane that's fixed in place, and then another movable pane on the other side. Both movable panes can be open at the same time, or one can remain closed. This configuration basically gives you two windows in one window spot, and custom window companies can make different sizes to fit whatever spot you need the window to fit. So, if you have to replace an older window, you can replace it with a double horizontal slider assuming the space isn't very narrow. This is great for rooms where only one wall is exposed to the outside environment.

Two Openings Make Ventilation Easier

When both panes are open, air has an easier time moving in and out of your room. When you have only one pane open (and the door is closed), air moving in and out pretty much has to fight itself to get through that one open spot. That can lead to less of a breeze due to the air pressure on both sides of the opening. With both panes opening, the pressure of the air coming in through one opening will push air around and let it flow out through the other opening, making it easier to ventilate the room.

Can Be Large or Small

These windows can be large or small; you really just need enough space to fit three panes. If the spot is very narrow horizontally but tall vertically, you can look into double-hung windows, which have two movable panes.

Either way, you can add more ventilation to a room by replacing the existing window with a double sliding or double-hung window. This helps keep the room cooler and the air feeling fresher, and it would be a perfect addition to a garage apartment or other small space.

To learn more, contact a company that provides window replacements

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