Building A New Home? Follow These Tips When Exploring Wall And Floor Options

Building A New Home? Follow These Tips When Exploring Wall And Floor Options

Building A New Home? Follow These Tips When Exploring Wall And Floor Options

15 June 2022
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If you are building a brand new home with a local builder, chances are that they will take you to the design center. This is when you make plenty of decisions about how your home is built with all of its various finishes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are visiting the design center

Know Your Paint Options

You are going to be given options on paint colors, with there being different tiers that you have to pick from. Know that many neutral paint colors are included with the base cost of your home, but you will likely be charged for making changes to those colors.

For example, if you want the ceiling painted one color and the walls painted a different color, that is going to be an upgrade for using two types of paint on the walls. There may also be upgrade costs from going from a neutral color to a more unique color. However, keep in mind that painting is one thing that is easy to do after you move into the home. You can save some money if you are willing to do the painting yourself. 

Know Your Flooring Options

It's important to know what your options are for the flooring in the home. If you want to use carpeting throughout most of the home, know that there are different options for carpeting with basic builder quality material being used as the standard. Once again, there are upgrades if you want to change the carpeting to a more premium material.

Much like with the paint colors, know that it is easy to upgrade carpeting later on. You can always go with the basic builder-level carpeting, let it run its course until it needs replacement, and then pick out new carpeting later on. You may also have a better idea in the future about what color scheme you want once you have picked out furniture and the wall colors have changed.

If you want hardwood or tile flooring, this is definitely a material that you'll want to upgrade at the time of construction. It's very difficult to replace these materials later on if you are not happy with your original selection.

Are you still feeling a bit undecided about what choices you want to make for your new home? Ask a custom home builder for suggestions to help you make an informed decision.

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