Keys To Using Rigging Services When Moving Construction Machinery Around

Keys To Using Rigging Services When Moving Construction Machinery Around

Keys To Using Rigging Services When Moving Construction Machinery Around

13 July 2022
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If you need to move large construction machinery and have never done this before, it's probably a good idea to use professional rigging services.  Then you can make sure this equipment is fully secure before it's ultimately transported to a work site or around one. Just make sure you use these services in the following ways.

Hire Qualified Riggers 

There are a lot of different companies you can hire to rig your construction equipment up before it's ultimately transported. You just need to research the options in your area and make sure you find riggers who're completely qualified for this job.

You can do things like look at past rigging jobs they've completed, the number of years they've been in this industry, and specific approaches to rigging various construction equipment. Then you can make sure you hire a competent rigging team to ensure nothing bad happens around your work site. 

Give Riggers Ample Time to Assess Equipment 

Construction equipment can vary in different ways like its size and weight. It's thus important to give professional riggers enough time to properly assess your construction equipment that's being moved. Then the right assessments can be made and the right controls can be put in place.

You can help professional riggers out by giving them as many details on your construction equipment as possible. You can also do this completely online to make things easier. Then the riggers will know what resources to bring with them to your job site and what rigging protocols to follow.

Make Sure There's a Spotter 

One of the most important crew members in a rigging team is the spotter. Their job is to observe construction equipment being rigged from an advantageous position where there aren't any blind spots. They're pivotal to the safety of rigging that's maintained from start to finish.

As long as you make sure you use rigging services that come with spotters, you can make sure rigging activity is properly monitored. Then if there is a red flag, such as weight shifting to one side when construction equipment is being put on trucks or cranes, spotters will intervene before it's too late.

If you're looking to move construction equipment, it needs to be properly rigged first. You may not have a lot of experience with these operations, but you can always use rigging services if that's the case. You might need to as to keep rigging operations for construction equipment controlled and efficient. 

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