How A Basement Waterproofing Contractor Might Try To Repair Drainage Issues To Dry Out Your Basement

How A Basement Waterproofing Contractor Might Try To Repair Drainage Issues To Dry Out Your Basement

How A Basement Waterproofing Contractor Might Try To Repair Drainage Issues To Dry Out Your Basement

5 August 2022
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If your basement gets wet when it rains, it could take a long time to dry out since a basement is often cool and damp. Your basement might smell musty all of the time and attract bugs due to the moisture. If you're having trouble with a wet or damp basement, talk to a basement waterproofing contractor to find out why it's happening and what can be done about it. 

You might need an interior or exterior drain installed, but first, the contractor might try to correct drainage issues. Here are things they might do.

Fix Leaky Gutters

If your gutters aren't working properly, rain might empty next to the foundation. The water might then leak in around a basement window or sink into the ground and seep through the concrete wall or through cracks in the foundation.

If the gutters could be the cause of the problem, the contractor might repair them, unclog them, or suggest you get new gutters so rain won't get in your basement.

Grade The Soil

If you have expensive, mature plants in your yard, you may prefer having a drain installed if excavating for a drain will be less disruptive than grading the soil. Grading involves moving soil around so there's a slope leading away from your house. This keeps rain from puddling close to your house since it will roll in the opposite direction.

Seal Cracks And Leaks

Water can seep through concrete due to hydrostatic pressure that pushes water through the wall. However, water also gets in through cracks and around gaps in the window well. A basement waterproofing contractor can inject epoxy into the cracks to seal them so water won't come through. They can also seal gaps around windows and other protrusions that might let water inside.

Apply A Waterproof Coating

Your contractor might also want to apply a waterproof coating to the interior walls that goes on like paint. The coating blocks water from seeping through the walls so your basement can stay dry. A coating isn't always the best solution, so your contractor will recommend the best choice for waterproofing your basement.

More expensive and complex solutions might be needed instead, such as installing an interior or exterior drain. The contractor might also consider putting a coating on the exterior walls, but this involves excavating the soil away from the house to expose your basement walls and it's disruptive.

Even if the best basement waterproofing method involves tearing up your yard, it's probably worth it if it means your basement will dry out and stay that way.

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