5 Waterproof Wall Coverings To Discuss With Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

5 Waterproof Wall Coverings To Discuss With Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

5 Waterproof Wall Coverings To Discuss With Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

14 December 2022
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If your bathroom is several decades old and it has colored ceramic tiles on the walls, the room probably looks dated. Replacing the wall tiles may be a priority when you undertake a bathroom remodeling project. Here are some types of waterproof wall coverings you may want to discuss with your bathroom remodeling contractor.

1. Wallpaper

You can buy wallpaper made for a bathroom environment. It is waterproof and steam proof. A nice benefit of wallpaper is that it comes in several patterns and colors. This makes it easy to find wallpaper that matches your home's decor. Plus, it will be easier to find a pattern size or color that can make a small bathroom seem larger.

2. Laminate Wall Panels

Laminate wall panels are popular waterproof wall coverings. These are made to look like stone, brick, wood, tiles, or wallpaper. The panels are waterproof so they are ideal for use in the bathroom.

Plus, they are easy to install. Your bathroom remodeling contractor might hang the panels over the old tiles and save you the cost of tearing out the old tiles.

3. Paint

If you'll have the old tiles removed and you have bare walls to work with then simply painting them with waterproof paint might be a good choice. Paint is an inexpensive option that allows you to put more money toward other upgrades for your bathroom remodeling project.

4. PVC Tiles And Planks

PVC wall tiles are interlocking so there are few seams. However, you can choose tiles that give the seamed look too. You can also use LVP flooring on the walls of your bathroom. If you'll use waterproof vinyl floor planks on your bathroom floor, you might want to extend the look up your walls too.

The planks come in more designs than wood. You can buy LVP flooring that looks like marble or other natural stone. This type of wall covering can adhere with glue, so it is also easy to install.

5. Tiles

You may be tired of tiles if you've lived with outdated ones for a long time, but tiles are worth looking into. Just stay away from retro colors if you want your bathroom to have a modern look. You might want large stone tiles, artsy ceramic tiles, subway tiles, or even sealed concrete tiles.

Your bathroom remodeling contractor is up to date with the latest trends and materials, so they can offer good advice on the type of waterproof bathroom wall coverings that fit your budget, will help your home sell in the future, that are easy to care for, and that you'll love. For more information on bathroom remodeling, contact a professional near you.

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