Repairing Damaged Brick Surfaces: Causes, Solutions, And Options

Repairing Damaged Brick Surfaces: Causes, Solutions, And Options

Repairing Damaged Brick Surfaces: Causes, Solutions, And Options

8 February 2023
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Brick surfaces may suffer from damage from many causes, such as lack of structural support, exposure to extreme weather conditions, problems with the grout, and impacts. Whenever your business's brick surfaces suffer damage, repairs will be necessary.

There Can Be Numerous Sources Of Cracks To Brick Surfaces

Cracks in the surface of the brick can be the most common issue these surfaces will experience. Generally, cracks in brick surfaces may start as minor hairline openings. However, moisture can get inside these cracks and cause them to grow larger. In addition to water contributing to this damage, drastic temperature changes can also stress the brick to the point of cracking. If you are only minimally interested in preserving the cosmetics of the brick surface, patching these damages can be an option. This repair will prevent the cracks from worsening, but it will leave a noticeable blemish behind. A more cosmetic repair for the damaged bricks is to replace them.

Grout Issues Can Lead To Cracks In The Bricks

Issues with the grout that holds the bricks in place can be another source of damage. When the grout is worn and loose, it can cause the pressure on the bricks to be distributed unevenly. As a result, some bricks may start cracking under excessive stress. If this problem results from the grout degrading, tuckpointing can correct this problem. A tuckpointing repair will restore the masonry by thoroughly replacing any worn or damaged mortar.

Replaced Bricks May Be Blended With The Rest Of The Surface

When the repairs for your brick surface require replacing one or more bricks, you may have concerns about the cosmetic impacts the new brick will have. A professional brick repair service can take care to match and blend any replacement bricks with the rest of the surface. Depending on the age and color of the bricks on the surface, this process may require a thorough cleaning. This cleaning process will remove the grime and reveal the brick's original color. This step can also aid the brick repair contractor by showing them the actual color of the brick surface so they can choose a suitable replacement.

Veneers Can Be Another Repair Option For Cosmetic Issues

There may be cases where the brick surface is free of structural damage but is deeply discolored. A repair option for these instances could be applying a veneer to the surface. This layer will be a thin surface that resembles bricks. By placing this surface over the brick, you can restore its appearance for a fraction of the cost of a total stain removal and resurfacing project.

For more information on commercial cracked brick repair, contact a company near you.

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