"Big" Questions About Roof Replacement

"Big" Questions About Roof Replacement

"Big" Questions About Roof Replacement

24 February 2023
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There's lots of room to ask the "little" questions about roof replacement when you have a roofer out to give you a quote. At this time, you can ask them about the warrant on the materials they use, what brand of drip edge they prefer, and so forth. But if this is your first time having a roof replaced, you probably have some "big" questions you'd like answered before you even get to the point of seeking a quote. With any luck, you'll find the answers here.

Do you have to have your roof replaced with the same materials?

No, you can absolutely switch materials when you have your roof replaced. For example, if you have a shingle roof now, you can get a metal roof or a cedar shake roof the next time around. Just keep in mind that this may mean calling a different roof contractor. Not all roofers work with all materials. If you're not sure what material you want, look for a roofer who works with a few different materials and ask them for their opinion.

Can roofers replace roofs in the winter? 

Yes, most roofing contractors can and do work in the winter. However, replacing a roof in the winter is harder and requires them to work around any overly cold or snowy weather. If your roof is not in dire need of replacement, consider waiting until spring.

Do you really need to get multiple quotes?

It is definitely a good idea to get more than one quote for a roof replacement. Not only does this allow you to compare prices and make sure you're paying a fair price, but it may also give you the option to choose between a few different roof materials. Different roofers prefer different brands. You may not know which brand you prefer until you have several quotes in front of you.

Can you finance a roof replacement?

A roof replacement is a big expense and one that many people do finance. Some roofing companies offer in-house financing, and others do not. If you like a certain roofing company but they do not finance, you can look into getting a loan from a credit union or bank.

With these big questions answered, you should be better prepared to start calling roofers and shopping around for a roof replacement. Before long, you'll be safe and warm inside your home with a new roof.

For more questions, contact a roofing contractor

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