Knowing When To Contact A Foundation Repair Company

Knowing When To Contact A Foundation Repair Company

Knowing When To Contact A Foundation Repair Company

27 June 2023
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When your home's foundation suffers damage or displays warning signs of potential issues, timely intervention from a professional foundation repair company can prevent further complications, saving you significant time, stress, and financial resources. Here's a guide on when it's time to contact a foundation repair company.

Visible Cracks or Fractures

One of the most evident signs that your foundation may require professional attention is the appearance of visible cracks or fractures in the walls or floors.

Cracks can manifest in various ways, from small, hairline fractures to larger, horizontal or vertical breaks. While minor cracks might just be cosmetic, larger cracks often indicate serious foundation issues and should be assessed by professionals promptly.

Uneven or Sagging Floors

Another indicator of potential foundation problems is uneven or sagging floors. While some degree of settling is normal in buildings, excessive sagging or noticeable slopes can be signs of a compromised foundation. If you observe a distinct unevenness or if a marble rolls down your floor, it's wise to contact a foundation repair company to evaluate the situation.

Doors and Windows Sticking or Not Latching

Doors and windows that stick, don't close properly, or fail to latch can be more than just an annoyance. These issues often signal changes in your home's structure due to foundation shifting. This is especially true if the problem is pervasive throughout your home rather than being isolated to one or two windows or doors.

Moisture and Dampness in the Basement or Crawlspace

Excess moisture, dampness, or the presence of mold in your basement or crawlspace can point to foundation problems. These conditions could be due to water seeping in through cracks in the foundation or due to soil shifting around your home's base. A foundation repair company can help identify the cause and provide an effective solution.

Bowing or Bulging Walls

Bowing or bulging walls are severe signs of foundation distress. They occur when the soil outside your foundation exerts excessive pressure, causing walls to bow or bulge inward. This issue can progressively worsen and lead to potential wall collapse if not promptly addressed by professionals.

Gaps around Exterior Doors and Windows

Another sign of foundation problems is the appearance of gaps around your exterior doors or windows. If your doors or windows used to close seamlessly and are now showing gaps around the frame or between the sill and the frame, this may suggest your foundation is moving. 

As the foundation shifts, it can distort the frames of windows and doors, leading to these gaps. While small gaps can be caused by normal settling or seasonal changes, larger, expanding, or newly formed gaps should be a cause for concern.

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